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A deodorant balm combining the calming sweet fragrance of agave and the healing properties of aloe vera.

Traditionally used to improve skin integrity, the soothing gel of aloe vera plant also works as an anti-bacterial, arresting the growth of bacteria under your arms as a natural deodoriser. 

Packaged in an iconic compostable paper tube, with high quality evidence backed ingredients, Papermoon delivers maximum efficacy with a luxurious feel. 

We use only clean, ethically sourced ingredients.

  • caprylic / capric triglycerid Made from oil from coconuts and ensures a smooth application and texture.tapioca starch

    Tapioca starch naturally absorbs moisture which also helps to fight bacteria and odou

    magnesium hydroxide

    Prevents odour-causing bacteria by delivering a high PH environment.

    cocos nucifera (coconut oil)

    One of natures great odour fighters killing bacteria and yeast

    cetearyl alcohol

    Also from the coconut palm, this delivers good moisture that softens the skin in a luxurious fashion.

    euphorbia cerifera (candelia) cera

    A vegetable wax that gives stability to the product.